How to choose a credit card?

If we look at the history of payment methods, we will see that it has changed a lot. Nowadays, most people prefer the card. Safety, practicality and convenience are some of these advantages. Knowing how to choose a credit card is very important!

There are many types on the market. And with the ease of ordering one over the internet , it can make it difficult to choose. These are cards that offer different benefits, rates and interest. Do you know which one is best for you?

Choosing the right card for your style keeps you from paying for what you don’t use. If you have a credit card, it may offer travel insurance and you don’t even know it. Or if you’re not a person who buys a lot on the card and pays for points programs.

Our tip for you who already has a credit card and is looking for the second is: How about thinking of an international card ? Of course, thinking of the premise of paying for what you use. The international card is intended for people traveling abroad, or for purchases on foreign websites.

How to choose a credit card?

How to choose a credit card?

Be aware of who issues your credit card. The same card, such as a Visa Gold, may have different rates at different banks. Interest should also be analyzed. If you cannot pay your card bill, interest may be very high.

If you are a bank customer, it is easier. Just talk to the manager and see what possibilities may be offered to you. Just like credit card annuity trading.

How to Choose a Credit Card

How to Choose a Credit Card

This is one of five fees your bank may charge you for using the card . Usually called the maintenance fee, it is a fee charged for using the card.

Credit cards with more expensive annuities usually feature larger benefit packages. This is why it is important to make sure they pay off for you. Those who offer miles, for example, often have more expensive annuities.

If you are one of those people looking to spend the least on your credit card, or even just use it for everyday purchases, a non-annuity card is a good idea.

How to Choose a Credit Card – Benefits

What do you expect from your credit card? Being able to do your shopping online and parcel them? Spend and receive points? Take advantage of travel and airports? This should be an important question to ask before choosing.

As we have said, there is no use if you choose a card that earns you points in your purchases, but you do not spend much or want to worry about the highest annuity.

Once a card is approved for you, it may contain benefits. Be it the administrator or even the flag. By the way, do you know the importance of the flag when choosing?

How to Choose a Credit Card – Banner

How to Choose a Credit Card - Banner

It’s that company brand located in the bottom right corner of your card. It is who determines the places the credit card will be accepted. It also contains unique benefits for customers. As discounts and advantages. Meet the biggest and most accepted:

How to choose a credit card – Profile

How to choose a credit card - Profile

If you are a college student , there are cards for this moment of your life. That help buying materials, photocopying and other expenses can be paid with your college card. Call me! There are college credit cards with no annual fee.

Now, if you’re one of those who loves a promotion, how about store cards ? They offer special discounts at the stores in which they are issued. Or even the advantage of being able to installment more often and without interest.

Do you like to travel a lot? Then there are special cards for you. With each purchase, you receive a set amount of points ( miles ). They are usually calculated in dollars and can be exchanged for tickets, hotel reservations, etc.

Are you looking at a credit card with a high limit? High income cards can make your profile. Great for people who don’t want to worry about the card and spend a lot on shopping.

If your business is a discount, keep an eye on the administrators loyalty programs. Discounts on movies, theater, concerts, etc. Ask for discounts when applying for your credit card.

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