How to find the best loan for pensioners

For an expense that we cannot postpone, it may be necessary to request a loan at the bank to have the necessary liquidity. For those working in the public administration you can request the example, which are specifically dedicated to this category of workers.

However, before signing a contract with one of the banks that offer these products, we know that it is useful to compare the best loans on the market. This is to make sure you make the right choice in terms of convenience and quality of the offer.

If we want to opt for a loan (which we remember is the National Social Security Institute for Employees of the Public Administration today absorbed) but we have to know what is in the smallest details.

The loan is a simple subsidized loan for employees, pensioners and their families


We can find them within the offers of various banks and financial institutions, or directly from the through its Credit Fund . To get it we just have to go to one of the offices in our area and apply for the modules. Then there will be evaluated and if the response is positive we can have our money.

We remind you that for these types of Albertines there are different categories: the small ones, the direct multi-year ones, and the long-term ones guaranteed. Obviously it will depend on us and our needs to choose the best and the one that comes closest to our needs.

Let’s try then to make a comparison to request a loan of 30 thousand euros for an applicant who needs liquidity that he will repay in 36 months. According to the Super Money comparator, here are the cheapest on the market now.

In first place is : the monthly payment to be paid is 949.5 euros determined by a 4.70% Tan and a 9.50% Taeg. At the end of the contract we will then have to return a total of 34,182 euros to the bank.

In second place was instead with Personal Loan

Personal Loan

In this case the monthly payment is 982.7 euros with Tan at 11.04% and Taeg at 12.65%.

Finally we have a Large Easy Loan: monthly payment of 669.3 euros with Tan at 11.99% and Taeg at 13.09%. After 36 months the bank will have 36,114 euros.

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