The personal loan is more convenient is found with the online comparison

To start a business or make a dream come true you can request a personal loan. To find the most convenient interest rates, however, the advice is to compare loan offers thanks to online comparators. The comparison portals, in fact, allow you to compare the proposals of the various banks to choose the product that best suits your needs.

With the help of the comparator, we carried out the search for a personal loan that would respond to the request of a young man from Rome who needs 30 thousand euros to get liquidity and start a business project. The best offers.

Our client has chosen a repayment plan in 4 years without credit protection insurance

credit loan

A personal loan with Taeg of 12.57% and Tan of 11.04% for a monthly payment of 775.9 euros. At the end of the loan, our client will have to return the amount of 37,898 euros to the bank.

As anticipated, ranks second among the best offers to obtain a personal loan

personal loan

The loan is called Large and has a 13.03% Taeg, an 11.99% Tan and a monthly installment of 789.9 euros. Once the repayment period is over, 38,186 euros must be returned to the bank.

The bank, on the other hand, ranks third in the cheapest offers with an installment of 788.5 euros. The Taeg, in this case, is 13.17%, while the Tan is 11.90%. At the end of the loan, the total amount of 38,223 euros must be returned to the bank.

As can be seen from this comparison taken into consideration, it is not said that the lowest loan corresponds to the lowest rate. It depends, in fact, on the contractual conditions

Which represents the annual percentage rate, or the true cost of the loan


Is it an important term of comparison for the Lady Honoria Dedlock personal because within it are also calculated the various costs of preliminary investigation and management of the loan.

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